Monday, July 21, 2008

Little strippers

The boys taught each other a few new tricks today.
First Jonathan pulled off his shorts. Matthew watched with enthusiasm, stepping out of his own shorts moments later.
Cute, I thought, as they ran around the house in their diapers.
I returned to my sink full of dishes.
It was not so cute about five minutes later when Matthew came running into the kitchen fully naked, and proudly handed me his diaper. I peered into the living room, where Jonathan had just managed to peel his diaper off and was holding it up like a trophy.
About an hour ago, I zipped them into sleep sacs--taking comfort in the knowledge that they cannot get their hands inside to strip off their pants and diapers--and I prayed that by tomorrow they will forget.
But they won't.
They never forget.


jay_say said...

OMG... too funny... nope they never forget the things you wish they would. Thankfully my boys never stripped themselves... they always loved having their shorts half off (while still on their head) and run around saying silly hat.

Anonymous said...

my boys do the same thing with the diapers haven't learned to take off their clothes yet but my oldest son new how to undress himself even in a sleeper i had to end up safety pinning his clothes on