Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Budding artists at last

Once a month, I tape sheets of white paper to the trays of the boys' highchairs, slide Matthew and Jonathan into their seats and hand them crayons. I take my own crayons and demonstrate, drawing squares, smiley faces and hearts.
Then I watch as they chomp on the crayons and shred the paper.
Today, I prepared for the same scenario.
But today was different.
Today, they colored.
The pictures are not all that interesting. They are a compilation of scribbles. But what is interesting is this: Jonathan and Matthew did not watch each other or follow one or another's lead. They did not even wait for my demonstration.
On this very same day in this very same moment, they each independently picked up their crayons and put the waxy sticks of color to the paper. They simultaneously achieved the appropriate mix of fine-motor-skill development, curiosity and desire that enabled them to produce scribbles.
And when they were done?
They ate the crayons.

Jonathan's first-ever work of art is on the top. Matthew's is below.


Lexi said...

I love letting the kids color. Laycee is really good at it, but Logan isn't so much. They love to use bingo dobbers to make stuff too.

Twinsmom said...

Bingo dobbers-you are brave! My boys would have bingo doppers for dinner if I tried that. It's funny. My older children rarely tried to eat the crayons and they colored much earlier. I love the latest pictures of your clan, by the way. They are all adorable.

Tami said...

Just thought I would drop in a say hi! Met your brother on Facebook and he said Lori Duffy and it just was not ringing a bell...then I remembered! I looked in my yearbook and said -- oh he must be talking about Delores! Read some of your sound busy and you are great writer. Join up on facebook sometime so we can share photos, etc. Katie Damp is on there and Rich Merritt and others from High School!

Tami "Hollis" Shinedling!

:) good to reconnect with you again.