Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good: Jonathan and Matthew are now interested enough in playing with each other that they tend to stay together when they are outside. This means that I can sometimes let them play beyond their fenced-in area.

The bad: At 18 months, they are now tall enough and strong enough to climb up on everything-- the sofa; the recliner; the dining room and kitchen chairs. They can easily reach items that are in the middle of the tables. They especially like pens, scissors and newspapers.

The ugly: When Jonathan wants something from Matthew, he says nothing. He simply comes up behind him, grabs him by the face and rips the item out of his hand while Matthew tries to scream. When Matthew actually sees Jonathan approaching and has nowhere to run, he offers Jonathan the toy and then cries. Time to enroll Matthew in karate, perhaps?


jay_say said...

I just had to laugh about the ugly part but in reality that is scary. Do your boys switch personalities at all? it seems every couple of months, my boys will become opposite of what they were and will actually switch personas. Has your Matthew always been submissive or is this a new thing?

Twinsmom said...

Matthew was definitely the aggressor from birth until about 13 months. But Jonathan would fight back. Now that they have switched roles, Matthew will not defend himself. He just gives up. I'm hoping that now that they have each had a turn, they'll finally learn to just share!

cat said...

Shame, feel so sorry for him. But I am sure his day will come.

Lexi said...

I love teh ugly part, my babies do that too. Logan is so gentle about it most of the time, but Laycee, she is brutal with sharing. Logan always turns and runs since he is faster than her. Twins have the hard life of learning to share earlier.