Thursday, July 3, 2008

The quints in our backyard

Okay, so these bunnies are quintuplets, not identical twins. But my husband found them under the Little Tykes play set where the boys play in our backyard. I had to share. Only a few days later, they were already running around the yard.


jay_say said...

What did the boys say about them? Were they able to stay away and leave them alone?

Twinsmom said...

They never even knew they were there. We just carefully put the playset back where it was and watched to make sure they didn't go near them. Within a few days, the bunnies were running around the yard and the boys thought that was pretty cool. They like to lean on their fence and watch them. It's like a bunny-baby stand-off. Nobody dares to move!

Lexi said...

wow, bunnies in the backyard!