Friday, February 20, 2009

I just knew

It happened for the first time yesterday and I'm having trouble containing my excitement.
I was uploading images from our digital camera onto the computer when I saw a photo of one of the boys. My first thought--my very first and very confident thought--was, that's Jonny!
Moments later, it happened again, this time in a photo of the boys together. I immediately recognized Matty on the right.
Now, I know I sound like a horrible mother, so I should say that I have always been able to figure out who is who in photos eventually. I look at their clothes, at the toys in their hands, at the food on their faces. Sometimes, I have to squint a little and study the blue veins on the bridges of their noses (thick, Jonathan; thin, Matthew).
With time, I can identify them.
But this was different.
This time I just knew.
Right away.
I've never been so instantly sure.
And I know why.
Matthew and Jonathan are growing up and as they grow, their personalities are beginning to break through in a physical way--even in photos.
In the photo of Jonathan (below), he has this look on his face that belongs only to him.
Matthew has become a ham with cameras. He scrunches his face into a funny little smile and tilts his head up, like he did in yesterday's photo.
This last photo, I posted just for fun!
Jon is on the right. Is it love or is he trying to get a cookie out of his brother's mouth?


cat said...

Great going mom. My BFF twins are also identical and at age 7 their favorite aunty is only now able to identify them on photos. IRL - always not problem as the personalities are so different.

jay_say said...

Wow... look at how grown up they are becoming... I know I haven't been around lately and I'm sorry about that. I really miss my twin mom bloggers.

pyjammy pam said...

am so glad to hear this. i have identical triplet boys (15 months old) and i have trouble telling them apart in pictures. glad to hear that one day it might get easier! and i should add that only in the past month or so have i gotten better about telling them apart in real life.

your boys are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am a mom of identical twin boys who are 5 months old. I am so glad to hear you have difficulty telling them apart too. I have felt so bad that i get confused!