Friday, October 17, 2008

No longer entirely identical

We can easily tell the boys apart now.

Jonathan and I spent two hours at Children's Hospital today. He broke his shin bone, a small fracture. The doctor said it is a common toddler injury. Orange seems to be his favorite color right now, so that's what he will wear for the next four weeks.

Matthew seems more affected by the cast than Jonathan. With no active playmate, his curiosity is in overdrive. Yesterday, he climbed on the dining room table, got stuck in a small space between the hutch and the wall and repeatedly tried to empty the silverware drawer.

He imitates his brother by crawling on the floor and dragging one foot along.

It's going to be a long four weeks.

Can you guess who this is?


Unknown said...

Oh, poor little guy. That's a cute story.

The jones Family said...

Oh no! Twins plus one is hard enough, but with one of them in a cast...Lordy I hope the doctor gave you some nerve pills :)

Lexi said...

this picture is so cute lol. I hope he heals soon and that Mattew is adjusting