Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accidental separation

I've mentioned before that Matthew and Jonathan have rarely been apart. They've made separate trips to the grocery store a few times, but, with two older kids and a husband who works a lot, I just haven't had the time or the energy to intentionally separate them.
According to the experts out there, we are doing everything wrong.
So last night and this morning should have been emotionally traumatic for them. They should have cried for each other. They should have been looking around corners seeking each other out. They should been calling each other's names.
They didn't.
Last night, just before bed, Jonathan was walking through the living room when he somehow took an odd step and fell. He screamed and screamed and couldn't put weight on his left leg. So off we went to the ER while Matthew stayed behind with dad.
X-rays revealed no fracture, but the doctor suspects injury to the soft tissue. We left Matthew behind again today to pick up the X-rays and stop by the pediatrician's office for a quick check of the circulation in the splinted leg. Tomorrow, Jonathan and I will spend an estimated two hours in the orthopedic unit at Children's Hospital, a 30-minute drive away.
There have been no sad good-byes and no overzealous reunions between Matthew and Jonathan. Neither had any trouble getting to sleep on his own last night. Neither seems annoyed or upset to have the other back in his midst.
Aside from logistical challenges presented by the splint, Matthew and Jonathan have fallen right back into their usual relationship patterns without missing a beat. They seem confident in their relationship.
Confident and secure.
So much for the experts.


jay_say said...

WOW... hope he is okay... sorry you have had a rough couple of days. When my boys were just over a year old, Matt was having a hard time breathing. I took him to Goodnite Pediatrics and they did two breathing treatments. He was having a hard time keeping his oxygen levels up so they sent us via ambulance to the hospital. He was admitted that night (Monday) and released on Wednesday. Since I stayed at the hospital with him, daddy stayed him with Jon. Jon was really excited to see me more than Matt on weds.

The older they get, the more they like being apart, but then you get the more drastic hellos when they return.

Unknown said...

Oh, I hope he'll be okay.
I can't wait to be able to see mine will react when they are apart. I think it sounds like a good thing that they have no problems with it.

Twinsmom said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. It turns out that he does have small fracture in the shin and he will be in a cast for four week. But everyone tells us we should be glad that it is broken and not sprained. The break will heal completey. Sprains take longer to heal and sometimes never heal right at all. I just wish I could figure out exactly how he did it!