Thursday, December 27, 2007

Surviving Christmas

We were proud of ourselves.
We had pulled out a pack-n-play Christmas Eve and set it up near the television. We had a Wiggles DVD ready to go. We figured the boys could tear through their stockings in the pack-n-play the next morning. When the novelty wore off, they could watch Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony do "The Flap." Hopefully, that would keep them entertained and keep everyone else's gifts intact until breakfast.
After breakfast, we could try naps.
I never thought it could be simpler than that.
Jonathan and Matthew awoke around 6 a.m. to a tree surrounded by gifts for them, their grandparents, their older brother, their sister, my husband and me. It was a sea of clashing colors, glitter and patterns. It was the ultimate temptation. It was irresistable even for me.
The older kids were not up yet, so we decided to put the babies down for a bit to see how they reacted. They were off as soon as they touched the floor. On hands and knees, they flew past the gifts, past the tree and over to the opening in the gate that divides the living room from the kitchen.
They left it all behind for the dog door, the air vents and chairs that can be slid back and forth across the tile and the hardwood. And there they stayed most of the morning.
Happy just to be free.


Lexi said...

that is so funny. our babies just cried. Laycee liked it but Logan was less than impressed because he wanted to cry and whine since he is teething.

TwinsMom said...

I'm relatively new to this blogging thing. I just realized that I can respond to your comments with my own. Duh! Teething is tough. Matthew bit my knee the other day. I hope my guys are not going to become biters.

On Benson Road said...

Hey Tom and Lori (and Kelly and Riley and Kiersten and Matthew and Jonathan - phew!) just a note to say hello and happy new year and love the blog! We're sending new year's cards this year (or maybe valentines, or st. patrick's day - but later) Lots of love from the Stith family - John, Barbara, Jay (5'11" and still climbing) and Carrie (still short)