Friday, September 7, 2012

They are all yours, class of 2025!

Three days ago, Matthew and Jonathan started their new careers.
They are officially kindergartners.
And with their launch into the academic world has come a renewed round of the infamous question, "Are they in the same classroom?" My response ("Yes, they are.") elicits everything from raised eyebrows to pleased smiles to spontaneous lectures.
I tell them the same things I have written in this blog over the past several years.
Our decision was based on recent research, conversations with identical twins and talks with teachers who have experience with twins who were placed in the same classrooms.
We have the confidence that we have made the right decision, and we have the intelligence to let time, experience and Jonathan and Matthew's wishes be our guide for the future.
But, in New York State, where parents are not guaranteed a say in the placement of multiples, all the research in the world would have been irrelevant without the cooperation of an open-minded principal. Our principal has never experienced twins in the same classroom. Yet, he was fascinated by the studies we presented him and eager to do what is best for Matthew and Jonathan.
So he readily agreed.
He will be watching their social and academic progress as closely as we will.
None of those concerns matter, however, to the boys.
They are already having a blast and each has attached himself to a different "best friend."
For the past two days, I have had to drag them out the classroom at the end of the day.
My arms are weakening.
I'm thinking about lining the route from the classroom to the van with freeze pops and Smarties, two of their favorite treats, to get them home.
Here are a few photos from the first day.

(Note: Jonathan is wearing a jacket despite the heat because "that's what you wear to school.")


Anya Wimberly said...

Would you mind sharing the links to some of the studies you've read. Thanks!

Beth said...

Thank you for this. I have identical twin girls, who are in second grade. In kindergarten, their school was small enough that there was only one K class, so they were together. It was a wonderful year. Last year, there were two rooms and so we separated them. It was a very hard year for one of them. There were some other important factors last year, so it's hard to know how much the separation was the issue. But it was certainly an issue. This year, my girls are together again, at the recommendation of their teachers, as they both wanted, and as we agreed to. So far, so good. They are both very happy. Some people are horrified when we tell them that the girls are in the same class; others just nod though it's clear they don't understand. It's frustrating, but we are happy to have a cooperative school and to know that, at least for now, we have made the right decision. I'm glad that you have too.

mama wolff said...

You should be very very proud of yourself for doing this. I caved.. from the moment the girls were born I said they will be in the same classroom together in K, but then the school blindsided me with a the "team lead" calling and saying they just don't do that.. no reasons.. they just don't.. and I feel like I failed at least one of my girls. The first day was aweful, she was crying I was crying.. the other one wasn't sure what the heck was going on. Now we are almost at the end of the year and I still feel the same way. I wish I had started them together. Have they made friends, sure, that's in their nature. But one is soooo much more emotional than she used to be. Mine are not identical, they look VERY similar, and had not spend more than an hour apart before K started. So pat yourself on the back and I wish I had had the spine to do it!

social bookmarking tools said...

But one is so much more emotional than she used to be. Mine are not identical, they look Very similar.