Monday, January 18, 2010

Today, they are three

My first thought on the twins' second birthday was, "Thank God. They are halfway to four."
I make no apologies.
Those were tough days.
But today, they are three.
Today is different.
Today, I am excited.
These two little men can talk to me.
They can reason with me. They can argue with me. They can sympathize. They can empathize. They can stomp their feet. They can hold my hands. They can play hide-n-seek. They can dress themselves.
They can leap onto my lap and wrap their arms around my neck for no reason at all.
They can tell me stories.
Yes, it's still hard.
They still run away from me at times. They still open the fridge, strip off their clothes and sneak into my office to play on my computer. They jump off everything, throw their toys and dump their stuffed-animal basket.
They are demanding, stubborn and curious.
But, they bring their plates to the counter after dinner.
They hug and kiss each other when they apologize. They pretend to be their older brother and sister and they pretend to be each other. Their cars and trains go grocery shopping, to school and to Target.
The best part is that they do most of that in different ways.
Matthew is Matthew.
Jonathan is Jonathan.
They are inseparable, but separate.
I let them choose the flavor ice-cream they will have with their cakes today.
Matthew chose chocolate.
Jonathan chose vanilla.
Each will savor his own.
But each will try the other's.
Today, they are three.
And, this time around, I feel no urge to rush it.
I look forward to the journey that will take us to four.


Lexi said...

Happy Birthday and congrats... sometimes i feel like it was yesterday and they were born and then other days... I feel like it has been eternities. Dh and I are finally talking another baby... isn't it funny how age changes things.

Amanda said...

Happy happy birthday!!!!

We have 1 month and 1 day untill ours turn three.

Thank you for your post and your blog. You make me feel normal and help me to see things I didn't see befor. Thank you!!

Twinsmom said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Lexi, you are much braver (and younger!) than I! Amanda, happy almost-birthday to yours. I'm really looking forward to this coming year. I hope it goes well for all of us!

Anonymous said...

I found age 3, in many ways, to be harder than age 2! My boys will be 4 on June 12 and I can't WAIT!!!! I love all that they do, and watching them grow, but 3 has been a challenging age for us.