Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sometimes it would be nice if they acted like twins

I had to laugh the other day when I thought about all those parents who fret about separating their identical twins in school, or who dress their twins in assigned colors only, or who enroll them in different activities regardless of their interests--all with the goal of promoting individuality.
I had to laugh because individuality is the reason I need a mother's helper one day a week this summer. Individuality is the reason I had to order two more yellow shirts from Children's Place last week. Individuality is the reason we have huge battles at bath time these days.
And I can't recall doing anything specific to promote it.
For instance, I can't take Matthew and Jonathan to any public place that is not fenced in by myself because as soon as I set them down, they run off in opposite directions.
They might nod at each other occasionally, but rarely do they interact at all. They are content in the knowledge that the other is there and for some reason, that contentment seems to give them confidence. And energy.
So, if I want to take the older kids to the zoo, the Museums Center or the splash park, I need another pair of hands.
My mother's helper is 14 years old. She is our neighbor's daughter. She was so excited when she accepted the job. She was so exhausted after our trip to the zoo on Wednesday.
I hope she has the strength to last another eight weeks.
I had to buy those yellow shirts (on sale, thank goodness) because that's all Matthew will wear lately. Jonathan will wear only orange, though both are willing to make an exception for red or green shirts once in a while as long as we are willing to endure an amazingly long and loud tantrum first.
Jonathan will wear only shorts no matter how cool it is outside.
Matthew will wear only pants no matter how hot it is outside.
And bath time.
Bath time has turned into a disaster.
Jonathan wants bubbles and toys.
Matthew wants clear water and no toys.
I'm finding I can ease the resulting aggression by grabbing a few cars from their toy bin and throwing those in the water. Matthew doesn't view the cars as "bath toys." Jonathan does. So, until the novelty wears off, I'm saved once again.
Here are photos of the boys.
Can you guess who is who?


Unknown said...

Love the story and the pictures. I can already tell differences in my two and they are just 5 months old. I'm enjoying watching their personalities emerge.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy checking in w/ your blog...

my hubby and I adopted twin boys so you helped get us prepared!!!

loads of fun and tons of work!

-Jennifer(mom to Zachary and Hunter)

Twinsmom said...

I'm glad to be of help Jennifer and congratulations! When people tell me they want twins, I always say adopt because they pregancy is lousy! How old are they? Are they identical? Boys? Girls?

Anonymous said...

I was just checking back in and saw your know how it is w/ don't have a lot of time for anything never mind blog reading! LOL

our boys just turned 18mnths
I tried to reply using our blog identity but for some reason no luck!.... I REALLY love that your boys are a bit older so I can prep myself in advance for what's to come! We probably won't be tackling potty training for a bit...but it's nice to see how it's done! and we have the same thing w/ one taking the lead, the other seeming to be oblivious and then all of a sudden joining in and doing in a day or so what the other worked out the kinks on!

we don't know "officially" if they are identical or not.....they do look awfully alot alike though!

we give them different haircuts to tell them apart... so when they are moving fast (always) we can figure it out instead of trying to figure out whose face is fuller or who is an inch taller now....

if you want to pop on and peek...

they were adopted from China...yes even w/ that hair (as we are constantly asked these days)

-Jennifer (mom to Zahchary and Hunter