Saturday, January 10, 2009

The shirt wars

Lately, they give me no choice.
I prefer to dress Matthew and Jonathan differently, but not because I worry about some identity crisis. I do it for my own selfish reasons: I find it easier to tell them apart. I'd rather look at their shirts as they run squealing away than wait until I catch up with them, turn them around and look hard into their faces.
But they are rebelling.
Within minutes of dressing the boys each the morning, one twin begins pawing at the other's shirt.
He wants it.
That's the only shirt he wants and he is obsessed. He won't leave his poor twin alone until he get it. And his twin can only run for so long.
The solution is simple if the shirt has an identical twin as well, but we don't have a lot of identical shirts. So, I do the next best thing. I open the shirt drawer and let him choose another favorite.
But as soon as that twin changes his shirt, the other twin begins pawing him. Then he starts stamping his feet and screaming and crying and trying to take his own shirt off and pointing at the shirt drawer saying, "Shirt! Shirt! Shirt!"
What can I do?
I open it and he grabs another.
Peace lasts for about 30 seconds.
Soon the victimized twin begins coveting his brother's shirt.
And so it goes.
The cycle repeats and repeats and repeats itself until finally, they end up in matching shirts.
And they are happy.
For a while.
Until one twin spills half his lunch on his shirt and has to change ...


Twinsmom said...

I have to add a note. My husband read this post and said he would think it was funny if not for the fact that "I" is really "we." He spent a good part of the morning doing the shirt exchange today!

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me see what I have to look forward to. You're stories are always wonderful to read.

jay_say said...

I can relate... my Matt and Jon did the same thing. Just give them the choice in the morning. Sometimes they want to wear the same but most times they are different. My boys have reached the point that they don't like being called the other one's name. If they are in the same shirt, one is usually crying stating noone will tell us apart.

I have now separated the closet - one side for Matt and one for Jon. That way Jon can't wear the same blue shirt for two days then Matt will want it. Makes doing laundry little more difficult but it helps with less fights.