Monday, November 17, 2008

Fashion fights

The boys have started fighting.
Now, they've always squabbled a bit over toys and attention. But the all-out, screaming-crying-kicking-tantrum kind of stuff has only recently begun. And that kind of fighting they have reserved for clothes.
Yes, clothes.
Both Jonathan and Matthew seem to have an affection for yellow and/or orange shirts and they will do anything to get them. They will even try to pull them off each other, bowling each other over in the process.
I haven't read any studies on identical twins and clothing preferences.
I can only hope that this is just a phase or that, at least, they will someday prefer a color that is a bit less fluorescent. Like maybe blue or green.


Unknown said...

We have fights over dresses. If Sam is dressed first in pants, and then Emily puts on a dress, then Sam wants to wear a pretty dress too! Problem is we don't HAVE any winter dresses for Sam right now!

At least they're not twins so they're not fighting over the same clothing item.

Lexi said...

thats funny. mine have recently started fighting too. but over everything, so aleast you are limited to clothes.