Saturday, August 16, 2008

18 months tall

They are tall.
Boy, are they tall.
Three feet tall.
That puts Matthew and Jonathan far above the 95th percentile compared to their male peers, just like our two older kids.
We grow them big.
Matthew is the more svelte of the two at 28 pounds, seven ounces, according to the doctor's scale. Jonathan weighed in at 29 pounds, three ounces, during their appointment Monday. Both ranked at the 75th percentile for weight, which makes them long and lean despite their chubby cheeks.
Their heads remain in the 90th percentile.
Lots of brains, maybe?
The doctor expressed some concern about the development of twinese (or idioglossia or cryptophasia). She said to contact her in three months if they still say no words clearly. The next day, of course, Matthew and Jonathan alternately walked up to our van, patted the side door and said "car" perfectly. Later in the day, they became obsessed with doors, again pronouncing the word clearly.
Earlier this afternoon, they spent 15 minutes walking from door to door, patting each one and saying "door?". They refused to move on until I said "Yes, door," with a nod of approval. I had to follow them from room to room or they stomped their feet and cried.
I had planned to drink my coffee.
It got cold.
I didn't mind.


jay_say said...

It's funny how sometimes they need to hear things from the doc before it happens. I'm also waiting for Chris to talk. Chris is similar in size to your boys. He is rapidly catching up to my twins (Matt & Jon). We are placing bets that he will pass them before long. Maybe they will be wearing his hand me downs... lol!

Lexi said...

I still think your boys are so big!! I can't believe it. I am curious to see how mine measure up on Tuesday. EDIS told me this the kids should be saying 10 words, but generally that is more delayed if they develop twinese. I am sure they will catch on to the language thing soon enough, but I understand your frustration.

The jones Family said...

Yay for big boys! Mine are big too...I'm just glad they arent' girls! A 3 foot tall 30 lb 18 month old girl just wouldn't be the same! Oh the cups of coffee I have poured down the sink because the boys are doing something too cute to those moments!

Twinsmom said...

I have to quit drinking Starbucks. I'd feel better if the coffee I was dumping was at least less expensive!