Saturday, February 2, 2008


The differences between the boys are becoming more apparent.
Unfortunately, it doesn't bode well for Matthew.
Both boys caught a stomach virus a few weeks ago. Matthew threw up longer and more often than his brother. At their one-year appointment a week later, Matthew was a pound lighter than Jonathan.
Now, they both have colds. It started with runny noses nine days ago. Then Matthew developed a chesty, mucusy cough. I took him to the doctor's when I noticed that he would sometimes stop playing and scream for a minute.
The doctor checked both boys.
Jonathan is fine. Still no cough. Still just a runny nose.
Matthew has an ear infection and this time, he was a one pound, 10 ounces lighter than his brother. He still has the nasty cough, but his chest is clear.
The antibiotics should kick in tomorrow.
Though Matthew apparently has a lower resistance to illness than Jonathan, he proved last night that he is stronger in other ways: he took his first independent steps.
So Matthew will get better soon, probably just a few days after his brother.
And Jonathan will be walking soon, probably just a few days after his brother.


Lexi said...

i am sorry that they are both sick. i hate it when the babies are sick

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your boys are sick! Ours just got over a nasty cold too. It's funny that you mentioned the difference in immunity. I could have written your post! My peri told us the boys were identical but we have not done genetic testing (they are mono/di twins). Matt's cold lasted a few days longer, he had a fever an extra day or so than Jake and he generally suffered more. However, Matt just started rolling over and Jake can't quite get there. Matt is about a pound and a half smaller and his immunity seems to be less than Jake's yet he's already doing things that Jake has not gotten to. Interesting!