Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tops and Toys

Neither twin is walking yet, but they have each found a new skill to perfect.
Jonathan recently learned that he can take off his shirts.
Matthew discovered that it is a waste of time to take toys out of baskets. Now, he simply clears himself a spot and hops right in.
If he's lucky, Jonathan will toss his shirt in the basket so Matthew can play peek-a-boo.


t + j said...

hi there, lori!

i linked over to your blog after seeing your comment on my post on "how do you do it" and wow! your boys look exactly like my good friend's lil' guy, kai. and what's even crazier is they all have the same exact birthday! my guys were born on 1/27, so just a few days after. and actually they are fraternal, but a lot of folks think they are identical (even our parents were convinced they were identical until they were about 7 mo. old). we thought about doing testing to confirm, but with time their differences are becoming more and more. definitely brothers, though!

i've enjoyed reading your blog and will definitely return for more! your piece on assumptions was a beautiful reminder on how lucky we are and how grateful we should be - tough times and all.


jay_say said...

OMG... how adorable... I just love how twins interact... it's funny how they develop in different ways. My Jon and Matt actually change personalities - one will be more dominant for a while then they will switch (let me know if yours do that too).