Saturday, March 31, 2012

Different by a hair?

Matthew and Jonathan, especially Matthew, decided they wanted different haircuts.
They are tired of people confusing them and they hope their new haircuts will help.
The barbers tried.
The really tried.
What do you think?


pyjammy pam said...

i gave mine different hair cuts a couple of months ago, and their teachers were SO grateful! and they like that finally people can look at them in the face(-ish area) and tell who they are.

i will admit, part of me is a teeeeeny bit sad they don't look exactly alike anymore. sick, i know.

pyjammy pam said...

(but i have to say, as adorable as your boys are, they still look the same from the front! aww!)

Twinsmom said...

Thanks, pyjammy pam! I feel the same way. As happy as I am for them that they have such a strong desire for differentiation (or at least Matt does. I'm not so sure about Jon.) a small part of me is kind of bummed. The barbers didn't seem to think it was a great success though. They both shook their heads and one said, "They still look identical to me. Different hair cuts didn't change that." :)

Twinsmom said...

With identical triplets, I can imagine your sons' teachers were GREATLY relieved!

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