Friday, December 17, 2010

Rendezvous with the guy in red

Both Matthew and Jonathan are fascinated with Santa.
They see him every chance they get, and they have no fear.
None whatsoever.
And they leave poor Santa with no time for "Ho, ho, ho" or "Merry Christmas." The cheery old guy is immediately bombarded with questions: "Is that your belt? Is it black? Is it magic? Are those your boots? Can I wear them? Why do you wear gloves? Are they white?"
Santa's appearance at preschool tonight gave the boys one more opportunity.
Matthew immediately headed for the costume rack and dressed up for Santa Claus with a suit vest, a suit coat and a beaded necklace. Jonathan played it cool with his animal tracks T-shirt. Both were equally persistent, however, when he asked what they wanted for Christmas.
"That bag," they said almost simultaneously, pointing to gift bags beside his chair.
Then a pause.
Then, "pleeeaaase!"

Matthew on left. Jonathan saying "cheeeeese!"

A very giddy Jonathan

Matthew wonders where the sleigh went.

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bubblinginbliss said...

I love you blog. When I read your blog, it gives me hope that once my identical boys grows alittle older, things will be easier (we are at 19 months). And its nice to know that there are other mom's like me going through this too! Your children are beautiful, thanks for writing this blog.