Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At three years, two months

One thing we know for certain about Matthew and Jonathan is that neither is camera shy.

The boys couldn't decide what to play with, so they dumped all the bins. Jonathan is wearing orange.

Buddies! Jonathan is wearing orange.

Getting a little cocky. Again, Jonathan is in the orange.

Matthew showing off his haircut.

Jonathan was not thrilled to have his hair cut, but he was willing to comply as long as the stylists came to our house.

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TwinMom07 said...

Just read your post from June 24, 2009, The Big-Boy Bed Disaster. That is my EXACT situation. Twin boys. 3 years old. Moved them to big boy beds and now all they do is run around in their rooms. Naps have disappeared and I'm FRUSTRATED to say the least. How did you solve your problem????
Good luck with your move!