Monday, August 31, 2009

Seeing each other without seeing double

Matthew and Jonathan have plenty of toys that are duplicates of each other.
They have two Thomas the Trains, two Percys, two Gordons, two Lightening McQueens, two school buses, two dump trucks, two ride-on inch worms, two of most any vehicle that they might fight over.
But their white cars are an exception.
Both are white, both are sports cars and they are about the same size, but the two cars are different models. Yet, it was these cars that Matthew pointed to the other day when looked up at me, his eyes bright, and said, "twins!"
Jonathan looked on with interest as Matthew repeated his revelation over and over again.
Then, less than half an hour later, Jonathan pulled out two Diego vehicles. One was a pick-up truck and one was a jeep-like vehicle, but both were yellow and both held figures of Diego and Baby Jaguar snuggled close to one another.
"Twins!" Jonathan said proudly.
Maybe it was just a coincidence.
Maybe at 2.5 years old, they don't know what the heck they are talking about.
Maybe I overreacted.
But it was one of those identical twins moments that hit me hard, right in the chest, right in the stomach, right in my heart. These two boys who look so much alike, who were born of the same egg and share the same DNA, did not relate their status to that of the replicated vehicles, differentiated only by wear and tear.
Instead, they chose vehicles that look similar at first glance, but that are, in reality, unique from each other.
Just like them.


cat said...

Oh that is so sweet. They know they are the same but different! Wonderful!

jay_say said...

Wow... what thoughts... and I agree 100%. Sometimes it is hard to make sure you treat them differently or at least as individuals but they definitely are.

Mama Eve said...

They know more than you think they know about being twins. lol. When my boys were only 1 I placed each one in front of the mirror (alone) to see their reaction. Both looked right into the mirror and said the other's name. At that point I realized they had no idea they looked alike. Sorry, you don't know me, I just googled identical twins and this came

Twinsmom said...

Thanks Cat and Jay_Say!
Mama Eve, we had the same experience at about the same age and we were so sure that they already knew themselves. But how would they know their own images? Now, at 2.5 years old, they can pick themselves out of photos. It's a great feeling.