Monday, April 28, 2008

Wake up sleepy head

Not long ago, when one twin would awaken from a nap before the other, he would relish the time alone with my husband or me. We would cuddle him, read to him, rough-house with him or just carry him around on one hip.
Those days are gone.
Nowadays, we spend that precious alone time trying to distract the wide-eyed twin, who is determined to wake up his brother. They are drawn to each other's cribs like magnets to metal.
Eventually, we give in and the awake twin grabs the rails of the sleeping twin's crib, shaking the bars and yelling until his brother lifts his head and rubs his eyes. Once his job is done, he toddles away, content knowing that his brother will soon be toddling behind him.

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The Myers Family said...

My girls do the same thing! I usually go in and grab the one that is awake and bring her out in the living room...she will fight and scream till i let her go and then she'll either bang on the door as hard as she can if i shut it or go shake the crib just like yours! I think they are lonely for those few brief seconds when the other one is still asleep. Sometimes if the sleeping baby is still tired, i'll pick her up and carry her out to the living room and let her sleep on my chest and guard her from the one that is WIDE awake!