Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Summo boys

I was clearing the dining room table the other day when I heard double giggling from the living room, the kind of giggling I usually hear when Matthew is about to attack Jonathan. I raced over, expecting to hear sobs any moment.
Instead, I found the two of them rolling around on the carpet, wrestling and laughing. They kept it up for several minutes before Jonathan ending it by sitting up. Matthew respected his signal and crawled away.
A new stage has begun.
(I could only catch the tail end of the match with the camera. Here, Matthew is tickling Jonathan's tummy.)


The Myers Family said...

Your boys are precious! Your blog about the lady that had twins but lost one really opened up my eyes to how blessed i truly am. I'm just another twin mommy who has identical twin girls born 12/26/06. BTW You have some really good informational posts!

I really love reading blogs about identical twins and comparing to mine. Thanks for sharing!
Mommy to Hannah 3.5 & Sarah and Samantha almost 15 months!

Twinsmom said...

Thank you both. Do either of you have blogs?