Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trouble Times Two

Earlier this morning, I decided to give the boys a bath. I got everything ready and carried Matthew upstairs to the pack-n-play, leaving Jonathan penned in the childproofed living room. At least I thought it was childproofed. In the 45 seconds or so that it took me to go up the stairs and back down again, Jonathan had used the VCR guard to pull the machine down from the shelf. I found him sitting on the floor in front of the TV with the VCR in his lap, playing with the cords that snaked out of the back.
I was surprised.
That was something Matthew would do.
In the past few weeks, their curiosity has equalized. Matthew had always been the lone troublemaker. He flips on the changing table, desperate to see what might be behind him. He races to the bathroom every time we open the door, hoping to get his hands on the toilet paper. He lunges for the opening when we step through the kitchen gate, determined to slip through before we notice.
Through all that, Jonathan would sit and watch.
No more.
Now, it's a competition.
Jonathan can flip with every bit as much muscle as Matthew on that changing table. They have learned that they can both squeeze through the bathroom door together. Whomever makes it through the kitchen gate first usually turns quickly around and slams the gate shut on the other.
We're in trouble.

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Lexi said...

You seem to have such curious little boys. Everytime I read these I am amazed, and at the same time, I am grateful my two have not started doing these things.